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Australian home working trends.

The online survey of 500 small businesses was conducted by IDC for Telstra, which revealed that a lot of SME allow their workers to work from home. The pupose of this study is for Telstra to understand what are the … Continue reading

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Renown hacker hired as chief security officer

We have all heard of the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer…well ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-for-profit company that manages the globe’s internet addresses has definately taken this literally. ICANN announced that … Continue reading

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Bring On Fax Online!!

A new trend is emerging in businesses all over the world. This is…the fax online! This invention of faxing via the internet is not only a win for the technological world but also the business world. Fax to email has … Continue reading

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Biggest online event is Royal Wedding!

As we all know tha 29th of April is a day of the Royal Wedding in UK. But not only that, this day will mark the biggest interactive event that was ever held in UK, although the stats we will … Continue reading

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ACMA new numbering rules for VoIP services

Since the 1st of February 2011, The Australian Communications and Media Authority announced the official change to the geographic numbering rules. These changes were put in to place in order to improve flexibility in the Numbering Plan and to recognise … Continue reading

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Skype calls: New virus that can eavesdrop on VoIP

Most internet users greatest fear is the dreaded computer virus. Yes, the one that have the ability to spy on your every move, by logging every keystroke they type. Now, hackers and potentially law enforcement have a new weapon. It … Continue reading

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The Conference call: Virtual Meetings

This virtual office solution is going to leave you wanting more… Virtual conference calls are a need to have service for all businesses and individuals. Do you need to make a snappy decision or converse with your boss/ colleagues before … Continue reading

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