Google Launches Music Service and Online Movies

Google has announced two services that are expected to be released in the next few months: a movie rental service via the Internet and a system, called Google Music will allow users to upload their music to the cloud and listen anywhere.

For now, both services will be operational in the U.S. only. The films will be available from $ 1.99 and can be viewed in streaming from both computers and devices with Android, i.e. phones and tablets.
google music for axiatel
Google Music will also be accessible from both Android, the mobile operating system and tablets of the company and the PC.

Google has been negotiating with record companies for months to reach an agreement with them and launch their music service in the cloud.

Furthermore, both the movie rental service and the music are areas where Apple is already in place, with iTunes, and Amazon, which announced its entry into this business a few months ago.

In addition, Google took the opportunity to present the new version of its Android mobile operating system, which attempts to unify the mobile and a tablet experience and end the fragmentation.

The company has said that this version will run on smartphones and tablets and will be released in late 2011.


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