The success and the explosion of online telecom solutions

Selling Online with small business: a booming market

“While eCommerce has exploded to individuals for 10 years, a significant proportion of purchases will always be in stores. As for small businesses, they increasingly rationalize their spending. In this context, 100% of their purchases will be online within a few years. We have developed a real expertise in terms of acquisition and service offerings for small businesses. We plan to launch two other services that will most likely come out of the spectrum of telecommunications by the end of 2011. “said Sacha Doliner, CEO of Axiatel.

Fax is not dead!

In 2010, 99.2% of companies in France used fax on a daily basis. More than 6 million machines are still active and SME’s consider this mode of communication as particularly effective and essential.

To meet this demand, Axiatel proposes an alternative way that lets you send and receive faxes by email. This service avoids the purchase of a machine and it helps reduce equipment costs.

The Virtual Switchboard

Once reserved for large groups, any SME can now benefit from a virtual reception service complete with the automation of incoming calls. The market in 2011 represented more than 2.7 billion with an annual growth of 14%.

The conf-call

Today more than 35 billion minutes were spent in conference calls worldwide, a market of 3.13 billion dollars. The virtual conference call solution can dematerialize meetings and avoid travel while reducing CO2 emissions. It saves time and of course represents a way to reducing costs.

Services upon request has aggregated all bids related to telecommunications, adding a high demand for services and advice:

– The wealth of a product catalog

The services are adaptable to the user with no long-term commitment. The registration methods proposed are simple and flexible and readily available online.

– The deployment of services in 10 countries and an interconnection with foreign operators. Axiatel also plans openings in two other countries overseas.

– A true culture of customer relations, service and consulting with a platform of 35 advisors available from 8:30 to 18:30 Monday to Friday.


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