Can Cook Keep the Apple Rolling?

Steve JobsJobs is out and Cook is in… but will Apple be able remain the leader it has developed into over the past decade?

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, recently decided to step down from his position, while remaining on the board of directors.  Now that jobs is on his way out again, will the new CEO, Tim Cook, be able to keep the ship running at full throttle?

Before Jobs returned to lead Apple, the company had been faltering.  Luckily Jobs made his big return to pull the company up from the ashes they were beginning to lay.  Well it’s been overly 15 years since his return, and Apple is the world leader in personal electronics.  Recently, it took over Imperial Oil as the U.S.’s most profitable corporation, even if for only moments.  Many believe that Apple is so strong that it’s near impossible for them to lose their top position, while others believe that without the micro-managing Jobs himself, the company will slowly fall into the background.  There is good reason to think this considering it wouldn’t be the first time.

                Apple has a lot of work cut out for them if they wish to keep the top position.  Yes, they have a huge advantage at the moment considering how well they’re doing, but this can change relatively quickly.  Just ask Nokia, or even RIM, who’ve lost a lot of their market share over the years (to Apple and others) when they used to be leaders in the mobile phone industry.  The tech market seems fairly volatile, and with new advances and innovative thinking, any of the giants could be brought down a notch or two.  This time around, Steve’s leaving Apple in a better situation, yes, but they’re also up against stiffer competition with Google doing everything they can do to be the best in industry with their recent patent and Motorola acquisitions.  RIM shouldn’t be counted out either, as they’ve just released a new line of phones and are restructuring the organization.

Apple has a head start on the competition, but there’s a lot of weight resting on Cook’s shoulders now that he’s going to be in the driver’s seat.  It will take a good year if not more before we see whether he can cut it as CEO, and I’m sure he knows that everyone will be keeping a close eye on the situation.


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