Anonymous – Quest to Provide the World with Free Information.

Anonymous and WikiLeaks are very similar as both groups are information activisits. While Information was obtained by Anonymous as in the case of the Syria email leaks, WikiLeaks was the one to publish it, without revealing the affiliation, but rightly so as WikiLeaks safeguards the source. Other websites they would post to such as PasteBin or other specifically created websites that could be torn down easily as they were created.  However, Anonymous has now created their own version of WikiLeaks called Par: AnoIA, which stands for Potentially Alarming Research: Anonymous Intelligence Agency.  It is designed to host anonymous leaks and it has been said it will gain better media coverage for highly sensitive information and expose the leaks faster than Wiki. (and maybe even a bigger target for the FBI and other authroities?)

However, this website will not just house Anonymous information but material from submissions from anyone in the wider Anonymous community. In an interview with an Anonymous member, they stated that usually no one cares about leaks. With this platform, these leaks will be available for anyone that wants to do something about it.

Par: AnoIA is positioned to offer a much leaner method to lead information onto the web. Par:AnoiaOf course, another reason they decided to create Par: AnoIA was because WikiLeaks has been almost starved of an upload capability. I just visited the website, and they are currently hosting leaked Austrian Scientology emails among other information such as commercial information from the IT-service company of Innodata Isogen as well as details in relation to a Vietnamese nuclear program.

Anonymous was created in 2003 and is known as a loosely associated “hacktivist” group. Along with posting private information on the web they have also hacked into government databases all over the world including the US, and China. They have also protested against Pirate Bay when they were found guilty of facilitating extensive copyright infringement by launching a coordinated DDoS attack and stating “We will continue to attack those who embrace censorship. You will not be able to hide your ludicrous ways to control us.” They have also protested against Stop Online Piracy Act, Kony, Occupy Movement, Wanted Criminals and Scientology. It seems that now Anonymous is now moving from targeting those who impose on free speech to pedophiles on the internet. They go to say that even though they believe in free speech and a free internet, it does not advocate robbing a child of his/her innocence.

These Anonymous members go against the rules and force by action what they think a society should be. What are your thoughts on these Anonymous acts? Are they a nuisance, the new saviors for our society,  or are they not important enough to give a second thought?


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