Fax? Email? Fax to Email?

I came across a forum post with the title “Why the fax refuses to die.” This funny little title made me think, the fax has been around since 1964, and hasn’t really changed that much. You still have to suffer through that dial-up sound, it takes seemingly forever to send, and you waste paper and toner. Yet even with all the technology created up to now (i.e. email), many people still use the fax to communicate.

Although fax machines are very outdated and never considered in style, the use of a fax is still relevant. For example, people usually use faxes to communicate legal documents. Luckily with new technology there are services where you can send faxes over the internet eliminating the need for a fax machine. There is really no difference between a fax machine and an online fax service except that you do not need to have any equipment or additional phone lines. For example, instead of having to purchase an additional phone line for your fax machine, you use an internet connection.

You are probably wondering, then why don’t we just send documents via email instead of using a fax to email service?

This is a very good point; however, there are some companies that only deal with faxes. Faxes are considered more secure because they are an image and cannot be modified unlike an email. In addition, if a company does not have the same applications as you do, sending an email attachment might not be viewable on their computers. With a fax you will always be guaranteed that your recipients will be able to read the document.  Another reason for using a fax instead of emails is the use of a private email address when sending a document may not be professional or the email that you send gets sent to the spam folder or gets lost under all the other emails the recipient receives. Another point for the reason why faxes never die is that sometimes sending large files via email causes problems. Many times there are limits to the size and it takes a long time to send the email. With a fax you can send the document very quickly as you will have a larger capacity when sending.

You might ask that a fax machine is noted for privacy, but if you use a fax to email service will that privacy be compromised?

Not at all, as there are many companies that provide secure fax transmissions as if you were faxing from a regular fax machine, without of course the fax machine, paper and toner.

Although emails are much more convenient, the fax will never seem to die. At least there are services to save us the pain of the fax machine.





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