Android Phones Hackable?



According to Hacker experts on Wednesday, they demonstrated ways to attack Android smartphones with methods that work on virtually all devices used today. This comes after the numerous efforts by Google to increase security and protection.

That’s concerning to hear when  over 6,400 corporate and government security technology workers gather in Las Vegas for a Black Hat Hacking conference to learn about various threats in their networks.

Hacking experts were able to demonstrate that they can deliver malicious code to the Android phones using the new Android feature near field communications. With this code they can essentially take over your phone.

What is near field communications? Basically it allows users to share photos with friends, or other data such as payment just by bringing the Android phones within a few centimetres of another device equipped with the same technology. If you’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy S3 commercials, it’s the part when the guy proposed to the girl by transferring a picture through a glass.

I feel it can be pretty difficult to be a few centimeters away with a phone to take control of an Android phone, however, hackers are able to create a device in the size of a postage stamp which could then be stuck in very discreet places such as a cash register at a restaurant. As a result, when an Android user walks by, the phone would get infected.

Another way Android phones can get infected is through a malicious code that Google publicly disclosed in their Chrome browser. Google fixed the issue in the Chrome browser through updates, however, Android phones are still vulnerable as carriers and device manufacturers have not pushed those fixes or patches to users.

It is interesting because people are saying that Google has pushed some great security features but no one has it.

Another concerning hack that experts revealed in Las Vegas was the fact that they can bypass Gogole’s “Bouncer” technology which identifies malicious program in its Google Play Store.

All they need to do is create a text message to block the application and then they can easily force it to download more control over the Google Play store until they have full control.

This can be a potentially scary factor when deciding between an Android or an iPhone. It was stated that Apple doesn’t have this type of issue.

I guess that’s the difference when you have an open source like Google and a closed source like Apple, threats like these are less likely to happen, but then again there are a lot of limitations that apple poses that Google users are able to obtain more easily.







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