Hands Free Smartphone?

Are you guilty of naturally checking your phone when you hear an alert? I know I am. I am notorious for searching through my bag to pick up my phone just to check an alert that wasn’t that important.  So many people are tied to their phones. Even if you have a Bluetooth to be hands free when you talk to people, you still need to grab that phone to check who it is before you answer. Wouldn’t it be great if you could detach yourself from your phone and not feel the need to pull it out every time you hear an alert? MetaWatch has come up with an answer by creating the Strata. It is a smart watch which allows you to see all your alerts on your phone without having to look at your phone in a very stylish sporty watch.

MetaWatch has been around for nearly eight years tackling problems of putting information on your wrist. Now with this Strata watch they are hoping to have it soon compatible with iOS 6 so that iPhone users won’t have to hold their phone or strap it to their arm while running, or have to fish for their phone to see an alert.  Although there is no mention of being compatible with Android, Strata has no intention of leaving Android users behind.

the Strata doesn’t venture too far from the models before it. The watch connects to a compatible handset (apple or android) via bluetooth and provides text messages, emails, call information, weather updates all on the watch. In addition, since it is open source software, developers can tap into the Strata with apps that live directly on the phone connected to it. For example developers can tap into it to control music on the phone or running apps for instance so that users can be hands free to look at basically anything.

They are hoping to bring the Strata to consumers this September. Technology is rolling out so many wearable pieces such as Google glass and this Strata watch. Not to mention the already popular Nike shoes that tell you how far you’ve run. What’s next shirts and shorts?In any case, I think this is a pretty nifty piece of technology even though I personally feel you can’t really get to stylish with a watch like that. Do you agree? Do you think there is a demand for this type of watch?


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