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Do You BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is gaining more and more popularity in Corporate Australia. What exactly is BYOD? BYOD enables employees to use their own smartphones, tablets, computers instead of company hardware to perform work tasks. Since Australia is number … Continue reading

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Leap Second – Did You Feel the Time Shift?

Technology sure did. This past weekend, when another second was added to the atomic clock to align with the rotation of the earth, havoc commenced all over the world. The last leap second to be introduced into the world was … Continue reading

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Google and clean energy

Google announced its partnership with SolarCity, a solar energy company in which Google will invest $ 280 million for the installation of residential solar panels in the U.S. This donation is the largest which the internet giant has staked out … Continue reading

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How dirty is your data?

Greenpeace has recently published the results of their study “How dirty is your data?” The study was based around how polluting energy was the huge data center of some large IT companies. Since not all information was available regarding energy, … Continue reading

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