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Are You a Victim of Mobile SPAM?

Many Aussies experienced numerous SMS spam over the weekend. Consumers are even being warned that with the upcoming Olympics our phones could experience another mass of promotional texts Most of the spam came from Telstra and Optus customers who claim … Continue reading

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Do You BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is gaining more and more popularity in Corporate Australia. What exactly is BYOD? BYOD enables employees to use their own smartphones, tablets, computers instead of company hardware to perform work tasks. Since Australia is number … Continue reading

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Leap Second – Did You Feel the Time Shift?

Technology sure did. This past weekend, when another second was added to the atomic clock to align with the rotation of the earth, havoc commenced all over the world. The last leap second to be introduced into the world was … Continue reading

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Let’s be Smart with our Smartphones – Ways to make it harder for Cyber Fraud.

This week is National Cyber Security Week in Australia and Paypal surveyed 12 million Australian smartphone users who use their phone to browse and shop to see how secure they were being with their smartpohones The results are shocking!  Many … Continue reading

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Google Expands Their Patent Portfolio With IBM Sale

IBM Corp. has sold approximately 1000 patents (pending and issued) to Google Inc. two weeks ago.  The purchase was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office so as to strengthen Google’s patent portfolio. It’s become more and more important … Continue reading

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Smartphone safety for roundtable discussion at ACMA’s main event of the week

As ACMA sets to raise the cyber security awareness among Australians, it has already joined with 535 public, private and community organizations and this year ACMA planned 45 events will be held across the nation. The range of activities and … Continue reading

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Our iPhones and iPads can leak private information

iphones and 3G supported ipads have all the information about our movements in past 10 months!??  The data visualisation specialists Peter Warden and Alasdair Allen have discovered this accidentally while searching for some data on their computers. Apparantly, there are unencrypted files … Continue reading

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