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Android Phones Hackable?

    According to Hacker experts on Wednesday, they demonstrated ways to attack Android smartphones with methods that work on virtually all devices used today. This comes after the numerous efforts by Google to increase security and protection. That’s concerning to … Continue reading

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Twitter Against Bullying

In the technology age, where everyone is protected behind a computer, it becomes easier for hate speech to escalate and cause harm and destruction.  Dick Costolo, Twitter chief executive wants to protect freedom of speech, which is what Twitter is … Continue reading

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eBay Aims Ad Campaign at Mobile Users

The online auction giant eBay, released a new advertising campaign this past Wednesday.  The campaign is called Mobile ‘Go Shopping’ App, where the company’s showcasing their mobile phone shopping app.  The company will widen their marketing strategy from only commercials … Continue reading

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Winklevoss Twins Take another Crack at Nutty Zuckerberg

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have made a subtle but clear attack on Mark Zuckerberg recently.  They’ve appeared in a Wonderful Pistachios Get Crakin’ Ad, where one brother cracks open a pistachio in a particular way, while other says what a … Continue reading

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Smartphone safety for roundtable discussion at ACMA’s main event of the week

As ACMA sets to raise the cyber security awareness among Australians, it has already joined with 535 public, private and community organizations and this year ACMA planned 45 events will be held across the nation. The range of activities and … Continue reading

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Australia’s best deal on Internet Fax!

Australia’s Internet Fax N1 ! If you do send more than 10 faxes and need to receive faxes, Axiatel Internet fax is what you are looking for. You don’t need to drive downtown to send a fax, just subscribe and receive … Continue reading

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Misleading service charges, misleading adverts. Optus fined.

SingTel Optus Pty Ltd has paid 27 infringement notices totaling $178,200 issued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Optus made false or misleading representations about the price of its services. Acting ACCC chairman Peter Kell said telecommunication companies must … Continue reading

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