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Hands Free Smartphone?

Are you guilty of naturally checking your phone when you hear an alert? I know I am. I am notorious for searching through my bag to pick up my phone just to check an alert that wasn’t that important.  So … Continue reading

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Android Phones Hackable?

    According to Hacker experts on Wednesday, they demonstrated ways to attack Android smartphones with methods that work on virtually all devices used today. This comes after the numerous efforts by Google to increase security and protection. That’s concerning to … Continue reading

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Google – Driverless cars, Computer glasses, Oh My!

Google is testing the limits of technology with a working prototype of a driverless car and now with the development of computer glasses naming it Project Glass. Having unveiled the concept to programmers at Google’s 3 day I/O, people got … Continue reading

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A low-cost Android smartphone.

After having launched the high-end smartphone, Droid 3, Motorola now decides to turn to the other end with the XT316, a smartphone for the poorest pockets. This smartphone is top-end and uses a keyboard in the style of other “business” … Continue reading

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Are your Mobile App’s Spying on you?

Apps for mobile devices are popular and are on almost every Smartphone. But what few people know is that many of their Apps can spy on users. Studies on over 300 000 Android and iPhone apps found that many of them … Continue reading

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Google Launches Music Service and Online Movies

Google has announced two services that are expected to be released in the next few months: a movie rental service via the Internet and a system, called Google Music will allow users to upload their music to the cloud and … Continue reading

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GTalk: Video chat on Android phones!

To follow the Skype development of video calling application for iPhone users, 4 months later, more precisely on 28th April 2011 FINALLY Google has announced the development of new feature of possibility to do video and voice chats on Android phones. Google … Continue reading

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