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Do You BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is gaining more and more popularity in Corporate Australia. What exactly is BYOD? BYOD enables employees to use their own smartphones, tablets, computers instead of company hardware to perform work tasks. Since Australia is number … Continue reading

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Leap Second – Did You Feel the Time Shift?

Technology sure did. This past weekend, when another second was added to the atomic clock to align with the rotation of the earth, havoc commenced all over the world. The last leap second to be introduced into the world was … Continue reading

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Let’s be Smart with our Smartphones – Ways to make it harder for Cyber Fraud.

This week is National Cyber Security Week in Australia and Paypal surveyed 12 million Australian smartphone users who use their phone to browse and shop to see how secure they were being with their smartpohones The results are shocking!  Many … Continue reading

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Free Wifi on Queensland Rail’s City Network

Free WiFi for Brisbane commuters on Queensland Rail’s city network from later this year. Transport Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said the $6.5 million WiFi roll-out on new metropolitan passenger trains was an Australian first. After the success of the trial, the … Continue reading

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The Fax to Email: Axiatel.com

Internet faxing allows you to send and receive faxes from your email. Axiatel automatically provides you with a fax number during registration. Your contacts can send you faxes to your new number, like a traditional fax, the only difference is … Continue reading

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Organize your conference calls with Axiatel.com

Axiatel.com is an international telecommunications company that specializes in virtual office solutions. They offer clients a virtual conference call service. This eco-friendly and easy to use solution allows users to chat with colleagues or clients without having to budge. When … Continue reading

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Men more internet savvy then women

A new study has shown that men are leading the way when it comes to forging professional connections online. The study by LinkedIn, a professional web-based networking site, studied the details of men and women across a range of industries. … Continue reading

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