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Fax? Email? Fax to Email?

I came across a forum post with the title “Why the fax refuses to die.” This funny little title made me think, the fax has been around since 1964, and hasn’t really changed that much. You still have to suffer … Continue reading

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Fax to Email a Hit

Who would have thought it’s possible to send or receive faxes via Gmail, or other online interfaces. These services, known as ‘fax to email’ or online fax services, have grown dramatically in popularity with businesses and are usually less expensive … Continue reading

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The Fax to Email: Axiatel.com

Internet faxing allows you to send and receive faxes from your email. Axiatel automatically provides you with a fax number during registration. Your contacts can send you faxes to your new number, like a traditional fax, the only difference is … Continue reading

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Receive your faxes on your mobile phone

Receive your faxes via email and view them from your phone! Although email is an extremely popular way of communication within the business world, the exchange of faxes is still very present. Receiving and sending your faxes from the internet, … Continue reading

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Axiatel Virtual Office Solutions

Saving money and improving your performance is possible with office solutions offered by Axiatel: Online fax, a telephone switchboard and the conference call. With the services offered by Axiatel you can find solutions that can interest everyone from businesses CEO’s … Continue reading

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Email fax: easy way to fax a document from email. Benefits.

Faxing to many professions is still the necessity of their everyday jobs, for example for lawyers, accountants, insurance companies, governmental organisations, educational institutions and any other professions that need to deal with documents and geniune signatures on daily basis. But faxing from the … Continue reading

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Why online telecom services are good for people relocating to new countries.

There are many people who relocate not only houses but also their small businesses. This requires a lot of research about the destination country first and sometimes the lacks of local information about products and services is what frustrates many … Continue reading

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