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Fax? Email? Fax to Email?

I came across a forum post with the title “Why the fax refuses to die.” This funny little title made me think, the fax has been around since 1964, and hasn’t really changed that much. You still have to suffer … Continue reading

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The Fax to Email: Axiatel.com

Internet faxing allows you to send and receive faxes from your email. Axiatel automatically provides you with a fax number during registration. Your contacts can send you faxes to your new number, like a traditional fax, the only difference is … Continue reading

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Eco-friendly Telecommunications!

With the world’s growing concern for the planet, it is important that companies even within the domain of telecommunications find a way of protecting the environment. Axiatel is an international telecommunications company specializing in virtual office solutions such as fax … Continue reading

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Bring On Fax Online!!

A new trend is emerging in businesses all over the world. This is…the fax online! This invention of faxing via the internet is not only a win for the technological world but also the business world. Fax to email has … Continue reading

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ACMA new numbering rules for VoIP services

Since the 1st of February 2011, The Australian Communications and Media Authority announced the official change to the geographic numbering rules. These changes were put in to place in order to improve flexibility in the Numbering Plan and to recognise … Continue reading

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Conferencing Technology to SME and SOHO.

The Conference Call and its benefits A Conference Call is a telephone call to the conference phone number that allows several callers to connect to one platform from where simultaneous conversations can be conducted, or simply listened to. Cutting down … Continue reading

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