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Google Release Group and Video Chat

Quick on the heels of Google’s launch of its latest social-networking venture Google +, Facebook has announced that it will be introducing video calls to its network. This new installation will be powered by the internet phone company Skype. On … Continue reading

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Are SMS’ Becoming an Endangered Species?

According to studies by Juniper Research, the number of users who use instant messaging through mobile will triple in 2016, making the number exceed 1,300 million. This figure was boosted by the arrival of new services such as Apple IMessage … Continue reading

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Skype: a social network for educators

Skype aims to facilitate interaction between teachers and students around the world. They hope to promote the collaboration of resources or methods. There are over 4,000 teachers in 99 countries participating in the program “Skype in the classroom” that aims … Continue reading

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Real time communication is coming….

Microsoft is buying Skype and also brings us “new ways to communicate”, says its chief.                  It has been confirmed today that Microsoft is buying Skype, an internet telephony service for $8.5bn (£5bn) cash deal. “Skype is a phenomenal … Continue reading

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Skype joint-venture with Facebook and Google

The Internet phone service Skype is once again the center of many takeover talks. Facebook and Google, are the two web giants which are apparently interested in  looking for a joint venture. In addition, Facebook may even be considering purchasing … Continue reading

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Skype calls: New virus that can eavesdrop on VoIP

Most internet users greatest fear is the dreaded computer virus. Yes, the one that have the ability to spy on your every move, by logging every keystroke they type. Now, hackers and potentially law enforcement have a new weapon. It … Continue reading

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Net neutrality debate

The European Union is to investigate whether internet service providers give open and equal access to internet.   Internet has been seen by majority of us as an open and free space where anyone can have access to any websites … Continue reading

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