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Do You BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is gaining more and more popularity in Corporate Australia. What exactly is BYOD? BYOD enables employees to use their own smartphones, tablets, computers instead of company hardware to perform work tasks. Since Australia is number … Continue reading

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Google – Driverless cars, Computer glasses, Oh My!

Google is testing the limits of technology with a working prototype of a driverless car and now with the development of computer glasses naming it Project Glass. Having unveiled the concept to programmers at Google’s 3 day I/O, people got … Continue reading

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Let’s be Smart with our Smartphones – Ways to make it harder for Cyber Fraud.

This week is National Cyber Security Week in Australia and Paypal surveyed 12 million Australian smartphone users who use their phone to browse and shop to see how secure they were being with their smartpohones The results are shocking!  Many … Continue reading

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Cheap Apple iPhone without a contract?

According to rumors, Apple is planning to create a cheap iPhone. It is speculated that the electronics giant Apple will release a contract-less iPhone. The prepaid iPhone without a contract is expected to cost under $ 350. Currently it is … Continue reading

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A low-cost Android smartphone.

After having launched the high-end smartphone, Droid 3, Motorola now decides to turn to the other end with the XT316, a smartphone for the poorest pockets. This smartphone is top-end and uses a keyboard in the style of other “business” … Continue reading

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Rise in National Use of Smartphone’s

A new survey conducted by Neilsen has shown that there is a significant increase in the use of Smartphones by Aussies. No matter where they are or what they are doing, a Smartphone is the new must-have accessory. The survey … Continue reading

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Are SMS’ Becoming an Endangered Species?

According to studies by Juniper Research, the number of users who use instant messaging through mobile will triple in 2016, making the number exceed 1,300 million. This figure was boosted by the arrival of new services such as Apple IMessage … Continue reading

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